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Art, Fashion, & Wellness for

The Laidback, Enigmatik, AuthentiK, & Dramatik


Dakota Harley Co. | Harley's Attik are two facets of one precious gem.

We are an eco-conscious,  art, fluid slow-fashion, & wellness lifestyle brand that seeks to create a multidimensional universe where art, fashion, compassion, personal expression, action, and evolution collide & coexist.


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Disrupt the status quo and express yourself to the fullest with rest our innovative and trendsetting community that's dedicated to creating and walking in their own lane via style and authenticity.


Our mission is to educate, empower, enlighten, and encourage others on why we should and how we can evolve to and/or maintain a more mindful lifestyle by making informed purchasing decisions with human and environmental sustainability at the forefront.

HA Clouds_HA BLUE.png
abstract ink black of stain or splash black watercolor paint and liquid Ink splash splatte
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