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  • Yoga In The Attik

    Tous les mois
    Stay Synced Up and Grounded w/ me at your own pace!
     3 jours d'essai gratuit
    • Access to my yoga & meditation library
    • 15, 30, 60 min videos
    • Photos
    • Stoic Meditations
    • 3 Complimentary 1:1's/ mo
    • A digital journal
    • Monthly Newsletter w/exclusive Attik updates, sales, & more!
  • Hey Ki, Hi Harley

    Tous les mois
    • A little more of me than what's shared on social media
    • BTS of me designing/modeling apparel & creating art!
    • Cosplay, Cosplay, Cosplay
  • Attik Access

    Tous les mois
    Full Yoga In The Attik and Hey Ki, Hi Harley Access
    • Stoic Yoga and Meditation
    • Hey Ki, Hi Harley
  • Funny Feet

    Tous les mois
    • Cute pix of my feet! :-)
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