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Yoga In The Attik

She soakin' up game; her brain is a series of pamphlets.

-Anderson Paak

Welcome 2 Yoga In The Attik aka YITA!

A space dedicated to experiencing Stoic Yoga & Guided Grounding Meditations.


It's my highest aim & desire to help others embrace promote effective ways to heal help themselves heal.

What IS Stoic Yoga?

Stoic yoga beautifully & effortlessly merges yogic  & Stoic philosophies that will equip U with the tools needed to be aware & grounded.

Stoicism reinforces avoiding over-attachment to outcomes & instead focuses on being so centered in self that one is able to restore personal  equilibrium at will. 

Essentially, it aligns with yogic principles like the Yamas & Niyamas share coinciding themes of surrendering, maintaining the ability to healthily detach while still being fully present.

Learn more on About Stoic Yoga & being a Stoic Yogi

Ultimately, these collective practices will help U to cultivate the patience, perseverance, & persistence needed to navigate & function in our simple yet complicated & ever-changing world.

Synced Up  & Grounded

I'm ecstatic to share my uniquely curated practice that will aid U in utilizing healthy detachment. This practice will give self the space - the pause to meditate & create stillness wherever U are regardless of your environment. 

Get synced up grounded by joining our weekend classes

With clarity gratitude, 



*I in no way intend to serve as  a therapist, counselor, or spiritual/religious guide.

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