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Ki - Harley

About The Attik

Ático: | ætɪk |

la  espacio  o  habitación  en el  cima  de un  edificio , bajo el  techo , a menudo utilizado para  almacenar  cosas - Cambridge Dictionary


Se refiere informalmente a la cabeza o la mente humana.


Cuando creé mi Instagram por primera vez, cir. 2012, inicialmente elegí el mismo nombre que mi twitter en ese momento. No mucho después, reflexioné constantemente sobre cómo quería expresar mi energía en el espacio IG. Sabía que compartiría mis obras de arte visuales, diseños, Harley'ismos generales y cosas por el estilo, así que cuando Harley's Attik nació de forma natural, se sintió como mantequilla.

El Attik es mi universo ampliado donde comparto las muchas facetas de mí mismo que he mostrado, estoy mostrando y mostraré la galaxia.

Ya sea que se quede o se vaya, UR Now sintonizó N2 el Organīz'd Kāos de Harley's Attik ...

Hola Ki, hola Harley

About - Hey Ki, Hi Harley

Meet our Founder & Creative  Director

Kiéra | {Harley}}

Kiéra is a life-long wearer of many hats, a multifaceted artist who has been creating and destroying ever since she can remember. She draws inspiration from nature, philosophy, human anatomy, fashion, and the cosmos, with influences displayed across her growing body of work.

In 2011, she conceptualized Dakota Harley Co. while completing her dual degree program for Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design and Spanish at Georgia Southern University. Her experiences within the fashion industry, at all levels, have shaped the foundation for what Dakota Harley Co. stands on, extending to Harley’s Attik, a beautiful evolution into slow-fashion and eco-conscious lifestyles creating even more avenues for authenticity. With the ability to inspire others to sync into their creativity, knowledge, power, and personal style, Harley’s Attik is all about believing in your own magik. 


Dakota Harley Co. brought its energy to NYFW in September 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel 57 Discover Fashion Showcase and the Likwid Butterflyz Capsule Collection Presentation in 2019, and took home the crown as the HippE Frugal Fashion Wars 2018 People’s Choice Winner.


 "By being myself, I have inspired others and will continue to  be an example on  how to be the Creative Director of Your Existence."

This is your everyday reminder to Keep That Shyt AuthentiK(^_^)\/

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