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About Harley's Attik

About The Attik

Attic: |ætɪk| 

"the space or room at the top of a building, under the roof, often used for storing things", "Informally refers to the human head and or mind"


Laidback, Dramatik, Enigmatik, and Eco-Conscious, Harley's Attik is more than just an art and apparel store. We are an eco-conscious, mindful, and awareness lifestyle brand that seeks to create a multidimensional universe where art, fashion, and personal expression collide and coexist.


Naturally dedicated to creativity and the influence exuded when working together for a change, we believe in the power of the artist and designer. We strive to curate an authentic experience for all that will empower and elevate us individually and collectively. 


We exist to educate, empower, and energize our community, at every scale, taking claim of a sustainable mindset and lifestyle. Through our collective evolution, we have no choice but to grow and thrive towards a better humanity. 


Explore new ideas and perspectives as you journey down the rabbit-hole of our Attik Abyss.  


With Gratitude,


Harley’s Attik Kreature Kare Team

Hey Ki, Hi Harley

About - Hey Ki, Hi Harley

Meet our Founder & Creative  Director

Kiéra | {Harley}}

Kiéra is a life-long wearer of many hats, a multifaceted artist who has been creating and destroying ever since she can remember. She draws inspiration from nature, philosophy, human anatomy, fashion, and the cosmos, with influences displayed across her growing body of work.

In 2011, she conceptualized Dakota Harley Co. while completing her dual degree program for Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design and Spanish at Georgia Southern University. Her experiences within the fashion industry, at all levels, have shaped the foundation for what Dakota Harley Co. stands on, extending to Harley’s Attik, a beautiful evolution into slow-fashion and eco-conscious lifestyles creating even more avenues for authenticity. With the ability to inspire others to sync into their creativity, knowledge, power, and personal style, Harley’s Attik is all about believing in your own magik. 


Dakota Harley Co. brought its energy to NYFW in September 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel 57 Discover Fashion Showcase and the Likwid Butterflyz Capsule Collection Presentation in 2019, and took home the crown as the HippE Frugal Fashion Wars 2018 People’s Choice Winner.


 "By being myself, I have inspired others and will continue to  be an example on  how to be the Creative Director of Your Existence."

This is your everyday reminder to Keep That Shyt AuthentiK(^_^)\/

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