About Harley's Attik


Attic: |ætɪk|

the space or room at the top of a building, under the roof, often used for storing things - Cambridge Dictionary


Informally refers to the human head and or mind


When I first created my Instagram, cir. 2012, I initially chose the same name as my twitter at the time. Not too long after, I consistently reflected on how I wanted to express my energy in the IG space. I knew I'd share my visual artwork, designs, general Harley'isms, and the like, so when Harley's Attik naturally arrived into being, it felt like butter.

The Attik is our magnified personal universe where we share the many facets of self that we have shown, are showing, and will show the galaxy.

 U R Now tuned N2 the Organīz'd Kāos of Harley's Attik....

Hey Ki, Hi Harley

Drop Tops and Wind_edited.jpg

Meet our CEO/Creative  Director, Kiéra, aka Ki or Harley. 

Kiéra considers herself a multifaceted artist not obsessed with labels who has been creating and destroying ever since she can remember. Currently, she is the sole designer/sewist and  overall, wearer-of-many-hats, at Dakota Harley Co, the slow-fashion lifestyle universe in which Harley's Attik  operates.

As an artist and observer, she continues to find nature, philosophy, and the cosmos as the biggest sources of inspiration. Ultimately, she strives to encourage others to tap into their creativity, knowledge, power, and magik by being their AuthentiK selves.

Harley's Attik is the metaphor for  the different corners of this artist's mind; the things that make her, her, thus resulting in the outward  expression experienced by others via art, action, and awareness.

The Attik is her personal space made virtual to connect with others through our abilities  and willingness to create, consume, coexist, and contribute to a more eco-conscious and mindful existence for all.

If you're like her, then you are forever drawn to the strange & unusual .

Have fun exploring the rabbit hole that is Harley's Attik! (^_^)\/

Hey Ki, Hi Harley