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About Stoic Yoga &  being a Stoic Yogi

Happy Chaturanga

Know your majik; Know your power

Know you are majik; Know you are power.

Heal the Individual; Heal the Collective

Adapt and Evolve Accordingly.

(Stoic) Yoga In The Attik

So how did I get here?


I've been practicing meditation as long as I can remember. I'm grateful to have been introduced to the pertinence of awareness, breath, mindfulness, yoga, & other facets of these realms as young as the age of 4.

My Ari frequented a few circles within conscious communities during the early 90's & would happily bring me along. Teaching me to sit in lotus, anchoring my index fingers to my thumbs while chanting,"Ohm", with eyes closed. These experiences in my youth have undoubtedly served as crucial foundations of my evolving path to my own grounding, awareness, & overall healing.


I was always taught to question everything-- EVERYTHING-- little would I know that my studies of various religious & spiritual ideologies/philosophies (& somehow natural or possibly inherited paranoia) would land me N2 practicing Stoicism, b4 I consciously knew what it meant 2 B stoic.

As my studies of diverse philosophical thoughts deepened, I could not deny the presence of Stoicism & Existentialism being naturally embedded within my life. These philosophies continue to resonate with myself & are tools that aid in keeping my emotions & logic in a harmonious system of checks & balances.

From high school to university my yoga practice was straight half-assed & inconsistent. Once I became more in sync with self, yoga & the study of yoga steadily increased my focus, discipline, &  mental/physical/emotional/energetic harmony.

The dots were already connected; my vision just needed some focus. It became less about wanting 2 B in a certain pose & more about challenging self-- aligning my body & mind 2 B on one accord.

Stoicism + Yoga = Stoic Yoga

Contrary to popular belief & misunderstanding, stoicism doesn't mean 2 B purely nonchalant,  apathetic, or completely devoid of human emotion. I've long been associated with nonchalance & the oh-so-modern phenomenon of unbotheredness, while true to a degree, stoicism is a strong influence in how I navigate.

Stoicism is a truly grounding philosophy that gives a centered perspective. It keeps us, proactively & retroactively, present with our thoughts & emotions. It inquires of us to  evaluate the manner in which we approach less than ideal scenarios before, during, & after they happen.

Controlling what we can & not being consumed by what we cannot. The practice reinforces not being overly attached to outcomes & emphasizes being so grounded in self that we're  able to recognize when our equilibrium is off  &  restore our  balance.

Yogic principles like the Yamas Niyamas share coinciding themes of surrendering, maintaining the ability to let go--detach while being fully  present.

The key is balance.


Infusing these overlapping concepts undoubtedly support an environment of unwavering peace & happiness amidst the inevitable kaos of the world & existence.

The ability to analyze, evaluate, suspend judgment as needed, then arrive at a processed & rational conclusion has been & IS a superpower. I know that to have control over my thoughts & emotions is beneficial to avoiding internal &  external manipulation by self, community, and society.

The ability to contemplate probable scenarios from as many angles as possible can proactively alleviate, many if not most of, the self-inflicted stresses we endure.

We cannot control others; however, we have dominion over how we respond & the things to which we  give our energy & attention(forms of currency). Yes, these are lessons & tests 4 our individual & collective journeys, but to repeat these cycles consciously will & do wreak havoc. 

Life is simultaneously simple & complex. The least we can do 4 self is get in sync & ground ourselves with adequate defense mechanisms to manage constant internal & external noise.

The Stoic Yogi tunes  N2 their individual frequencies; developing, strengthening, & maintaining awareness of their energy & how it interacts, responds, &/or plays with the energies of those around us-- the seen & unseen.

With balance & compassion,


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