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Spreading love and helping others are second nature to Dakota Harley Co. & Harley's Attik. We all need help from time to time and believe that healing the individual will help heal the collective. It is an honourable delight to donate and give back to our local and global human and environmental communities. 

As we continue to grow, we look forward to further supporting a variety of causes that  align with our values and experiences ranging from:

- Mental Health

- Disordered Eating

- Food, Water, and Housing Security

- Environmental Cleanup and Conservation and more.

Check out our updated list of causes we support and how we support them.

We are proud monthly donors to The Nature Conservancy. For 70 years, this group has done amazing work to save land, execute real climate solutions, and protecting endangered species. Our mission is an interconnected understanding where both humanity and the environment are equally important and deserving of protection and healing. Our donations currently go towards our local area which is Florida. We intend to expand support to other states and countries when feasible. Click their name/logo above to learn more about The Nature Conservancy and how you can help too!


We applaud Project Heal's mission and accomplishments in the mental health and disordered eating space. We are empowered to know how our monthly contribution aids in equitable access to treatment to others who face mental health issues and disordered eating. Like millions of people, our founder and CEO, has a personal connection to disordered eating and mental health challenges. It is beyond pertinent that those struggling are provided with adequate acknowledgement, care and support for a long-term recovery.

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